Meet the Gieselmans

One of the best parts of our job is getting to know new people. Upon first meeting Jenn and Jordan, I instantly fell in love with them and wanted to be their best friend! They are so kind, funny, and just fun to be around! I got the chance to catch up with them a few weeks after their wedding to get some take-aways from their day and reflect back on their “best day ever”!!

How he proposed:

I had a close friend invite Jenn to an imaginary wine tasting I made up on WKU's campus to get her there because she can’t refuse free wine ;) instead of a party, I was there waiting on the Kissing Bridge, a photographer hiding and nerves racing. After she said yes, I surprised her with a celebration dinner at Mariahs with family and friends. 


I thought I was going to a wine event on WKU’s campus with my friend Stephanie. I googled the event, but everyone was convincing me that it was a new event and that’s why it wasn’t advertised online. We get there and I realized what was happening when I saw Jordan standing on the kissing bridge. I was in such shock that Jordan jokes I didn’t really say yes when he proposed. He did such a wonderful job keeping everything a surprise and had my family and friends waiting for me to celebrate with at dinner. 

What was your favorite part of your day?

Our first look was my favorite moment. For starters, it was just us. A very raw moment of overwhelming emotion. It was the first moment the entire day that I wasnt thinking of anything else but enjoying how gorgeous my wife-to-be was. Memories of 6 years prior racing through my mind and the endless possibilities in the future that we are going to have together as well. It was an intense realization that I was marrying my best friend.


My favorite part of the day was walking down the aisle. I was trying not to get too emotional and when I saw Jordan crying, I knew that if I kept looking at him I was going to be bawling. I looked to my friends and family and it was such a sweet moment to see everyone there surrounding us with love and support. So then I began tearing up anyway. Haha. 

Why did you choose Highland Stables?

The venue itself was stunning the moment we stepped in the door. Of all the places we visited, it was the only one that truly blew us away. The staff was incredibly helpful and accommodating beyond expectation. After we got in the car when we visited for the first time, we both agreed instantly it's where we wanted to celebrate our marriage.


I really wanted to have a venue that was big enough that there would be room to set up inside and not move the reception in case of bad weather. It was predicted to rain the day of our wedding, so we set up the indoor ceremony site. Thankfully, the rain held and the staff was amazing and were able to set up the outdoor location a few hours before the wedding. 

We Get It From Our Mommas

Here in the south, there are many things sacred to us. At the top of our list would be the women that helped raise us.

Untitled design (2).png

If this is your first time visiting our blog, then let us explain that family is very important to us. Our 165-acre family farm holds our beloved event venue, Highland Stables and we have the honor of meeting and being surrounded by beautiful, intelligent, and persistent women on a weekly basis. We've learned lessons from each of the moms, aunts, sisters, friends that our Highland couples bring through our doors but MOST of our memories, traits, and special moments have our own mothers influence. Below Angie, myself (Whitnee), and Kaleighn explain what makes each of our mommas so special to us! 


The one word that always comes to mind when thinking of my mom is SURVIVOR. She has been through so much including breast cancer, all these things she just powered through. So when I was diagnosed with cancer last year, I tried to follow her example of staying strong. I had my cry then I dusted myself off, fixed my make-up (its a southern thing) and powered through. I feel incredibly blessed to still have my beautiful mom. We love to spend our much coveted time together looking for treasures. Time spent at garage sales, consignment & antiquing are our favorites. My mom taught me to see past scratches and flaws and look for the beauty underneath. My favorite saying that my mom says is Pretty is as Pretty Does. She lives this everyday. I love you mom!


"Pretty is as Pretty Does" 

Angie and her mom celebrating her favorite holiday, Halloween.


My Mom, Bonnie, is one of the greatest women I have ever known. When trying to describe my Mom, three words come to mind: intelligent, beautiful, and role model. My Mom is incredibly smart and has always strived for more, in her professional life. She works her butt off, so my 2 younger brothers and I can have the best life possible. My Mom is insanely gorgeous and works hard to maintain not only a strong mind, but a strong body by participating in CrossFit and recently has ran a couple races.  My Mom continues to impress me and gives my brothers and I the best role model possible. For the year leading up to my wedding, my Mom basically dropped everything, and planned every second of our wedding weekend. From the gold flatware on the tables, to the surprise black and white dance floor, to match our theme, to the million other little details that would take me hundreds of pages to list. She did so much for Dave (my husband) and me, not only in that year but every single day, with complete grace and, what seems like, effortlessness. My Mom has taught me so much, but my favorite thing is to always push yourself and strive for more; never settle. Growing up, I was constantly told how much I resembled my Mom, not only physically, but mentally. Of course, I rolled my eyes with the standard “ugh, gross” but as I get older, I learn each day how similar we are (which may explain why we butted heads so much in my teenage years!). My perfect day with my Mom is when we get to go get our nails done, go to a great brunch and maybe do some shopping and just hang out. Spending quality time together is by far my favorite thing to do, since we live 4 hours apart and don’t get to see each other more than once or twice a month. I love my Mom and I am so grateful that I am becoming more and more like her and that she is mine!


Wedding Dreams Do Come True

"For the year leading up to my wedding, my Mom basically dropped everything, and planned every second of our wedding weekend. From the gold flatware on the tables, to the surprise black and white dance floor, to match our theme, to the million other little details that would take me hundreds of pages to list."


My mom, Alane Lee is one of the hardest working and self-less women that I know and has always done what needed to be done without having any complaints or expecting a thank you. I honestly don’t know how I could do this whole mom thing without her constant advice, support, encouragement, and love. In January 2017, our world was rocked when my dad had a knee replacement surgery and came out paralyzed from having a stroke in his back. During the time of doctors and my dad trying to figure everything out in the hospital at Vanderbilt and in rehab at Stallworth, my mom would go into work at 5am- work a half day and then go and spend the rest of the day/evening with my dad, drive back home then do it all again the next day. She did what she had to do to get the job done but also be there for my dad and our family. She continues to do so and you will still see her working in the yard, making sure her house is spotless, taking my dad to his appointments, helping me with the kids, and still get her 40-hour week in. If I can be half the mom and wife she is, I would know that I did something right.


I am not afraid... I was born to do this.

"I honestly don’t know how I could do this whole mom thing without her constant advice, support, encouragement, and love."


While Mother's Day is a day to honor those who raised us. May we each try to find a way to celebrate them, not only on Mother's Day but everyday. 

Happy Mother's Day!


Experience GypsyMoon Marketplace

GypsyMoon Marketplace at Highland Stables

We invite you to join us this weekend at GypsyMoon Marketplace Friday, April 27 from 12pm-8pm with a $10 Admission and Saturday, April 28 from 8am-4pm with $5 Admission. GypsyMoon Marketplace place is a barn sale located at Highland Stables in Bowling Green, Kentucky. 

Untitled design.png

We get the question "what is a barn sale" quite often.  A barn sale takes place either on a farm, in or around a barn. It can be described as an upper scale vintage/handmade marketplace. The vendors and artisans are hand selected and screened to ensure that each vendor is top notch. Once they are selected, they spend weeks pickin’, preppin’ and preparin’ for the upcoming sale. They don’t just set up a booth- they design, decorate and stage each stall with eye-catching displays, hoping to draw you in to shop at their creative storefront. Thats what you can expect at GypsyMoon Marketplace located at Highland Stables. GypsyMoon is hosted by the gals of Highland Stables twice a year, once in the Spring and once in November. 

3 Tips for GypsyMoon Shoppers


Bring your wallet, but lugging around an oversized purse or bag while shopping is NEVER fun. Your shoulder will hurt and you’ll have less arm space to carry the new bags of goodies you’ll find. We also suggest bringing your cute crossbody purse.  Also, be sure to grab some cash and don’t just rely on plastic. There are some vendors that only accept cash.


If you find a beautiful piece- or treasure as we like to call it- you better get it before someone else does. Our vendors bring and create one-of-a-kind treasures just for YOU! 


If you're looking to refresh your home, wardrobe, or garden- you'll be coming to the right place. Take pictures of your spaces, have a tape measure on you, and bring some paint samples in order to see if that piece is right for you and your home. 

GypsyMoon Essentials List

  • Your best pickin' outfit- dress accordingly for the weather and remember GypsyMoon Marketplace is a rain or shine event- we will have a great photo ops for you so make sure you are camera ready!
  • Comfortable walking shoes- With 80+ vendors you will want to be sure you can walk around and see every. single. storefront!
  • Truck or SUV- If you plan on bringing a group of your girlfriends and buying TONS of goodies, you will need enough space to fit everything and everyone
  • Reusable Shopping Bag- Your hands will get full quickly so it wouldn't be a bad idea to grab a reusable shopping bag to fill with all of your treasures. 
  • Dolla Dolla Bills Y'all!- Come ready to shop till you drop- be sure to grab your cash and those plastic cards in order to buy those one-of-a-kind items you have been searching for.  

Guilt Free Shopping

You can shop all you want and leave knowing you helped out the Bowling Green, Kentucky non-profit Life's Better Together. We are so excited to yet again be partnering with Life's Better Together. They are a wonderful non-profit organization in Bowling Green whose mission is to provide direct financial assistance and support to families with a child or a parent battling an ongoing illness. With the help of our past customers at the GypsyMoon events, we have been able to donate over $13,000 towards this incredible organization.  Want to learn more? Join their #25on25 Campaign- every month on the 25th, you can donate $25 to help a family in need. To join, visit:

We Invite You To Join Us!

GypsyMoon can truly be an inspiring experience if you have a love for shopping and decorating. In the modern treasure hunt we call a barn sale, you never know what you’re going to find whether it be something re-envisioned, reclaimed and brought back to life or made brand new. When you get creative artisans together, good people, yummy grub, and soulful music you know it’s going to be something amazing with a great atmosphere! Where else can you find some of the best artisans, pickers and creators all in one place?!

Want to see the vendors we have coming? Follow us on our Facebook and Instagram pages to see sneak peek of the vendors we have coming! @gypsymoonmarketplace

GypsyMoon Marketplace at Highland Stables

The Best Barn Sale in South Central Kentucky 

2 copy.png

Flirting with Florals

Hello there lovely and Happy Spring!

It has been a while since we've blogged and we are so excited to be back and talking about a few of our very favorite things: Spring, Florals, GypsyMoon Marketplace, and weddings!  We would like to introduce you to a wedding vendor we have so enjoyed working with in the past, and are excited to work with in the future. They plan stunning events with gorgeous floral, and they will be joining us as vendors at GypsyMoon!


Meet Kacey and Blair, the beautiful gals from KB Events & Design



Tell us about yourself. Why did you decide to get into the floral industry?

We have been sister-in-laws for five years now. After living in separate cities for three years we decided to make our dream of owning our own business come true. We love working together and using our creative minds to solve problems. When Kacey was living in Lawrence, Kansas they had a popular street that hosted a variety of specialty shops. Her dream was to own a fresh flower cart and sell to customers while they enjoy the town. Her dad also instilled a love of plants and flowers into her heart as she was growing up. For Blair, flowers are another creative outlet that bring people joy and comfort.

Where do you get your inspiration for your floral designs?

We love to look through other florists creations online and in print. From these talented artists we put our own twist into things. When working together we use our gut and creative touch to get things exactly the way we envisioned. Social media is a great tool that connects people in this industry and drives creativity.

Who do you follow on Instagram for your inspiration?

Marianna Hunt @millefleurdesign is a great follow. She integrates current trends into her work, showcasing a whimsical look.

Ameila’s Flower Truck is a Nashville based mobile flower shop. She is where we drew our inspiration for GypsyMoon Marketplace. She offers a variety of flowers that you hand select and package to take home and enjoy.

Why should a bride choose real flowers over fake flowers?

Many times brides think that fake flowers will save them money, but often times quality artificial flowers are more costly than real flowers. Also, couples are beginning to realize that they want to invest their budget into areas that their guests will enjoy, such as the reception. Using artificial flowers at the ceremony where guests spend the least amount of time tends to be more realistic than using them at the reception. You want your guests to be able to see and enjoy the real flowers all night long. You can ask most photographers about fake vs real and they will echo what we are saying. Real flowers photograph so much better than fake.

What is a floral faux pas?

Couples want to be careful when choosing flowers based on the season of their wedding. If your flowers are out of season not only can it be extremely costly, the entire look of the wedding won’t make sense. When gifting flowers you always want to be careful about what you choose to gift. Sending a dozen red roses to your co-worker because they were in an accident might send out a romantic vibe instead of a get well feeling.

What should a bride have prepared when they come for a design meeting with you?

We typically send out a survey for our couples to complete before we sit down and talk about their big day. We also like for them to have an idea of their budget and bring pictures for inspiration. We always want our couples to have open minds to what we might offer them, but ultimately give us honest answers about what they like.

What is a good budget for a bride?

Every bride is different when it comes to how much importance they place on the flowers in their wedding. Some brides just want bridal party flowers, while others want to integrate as many flowers as they can throughout the day. We prefer to listen to the couple and then work together to find the perfect mix of budget and dreams.

How far in advance should a bride secure her florist?

We recommend at least three months in advance for booking your florist. It is easier if you have decided on the style of wedding you want before we sit down and discuss flowers. Also if location is booked and clothing choices made, picking the right flowers will be much easier.

What trends are you seeing in floral and weddings?

For this season greenery, greenery, greenery is all the rage.  Also wild romantic looks are taking center stage; brides are skipping the traditional tight bouquets and letting it flow. Up and coming looks are more modern and sleek. Geometric shapes, marble, mixed metals, and unique flowers are really trending. Florists are foraging for the unique look and even integrating fruits and vegetables.  

Tell us about your GypsyMoon Marketplace plans and what you will be offering.

For GypsyMoon we will be offering a You Pick, We Package Flower Truck. Shoppers will be able to use their creative flower-loving selves to pick the perfect bouquet of fresh flowers. We will pack them up so that you can take them home to enjoy. We will also offer pre-made bouquets for anyone that is unsure of what to choose and might not have the time to handpick items. These fresh flowers will be the perfect way to brighten up your home or gift someone with a pop of spring.

To learn more about KB Events & Design please CLICK HERE to visit their website 


Be sure to check out KB Events & Design at GypsyMoon Marketplace on Friday April 27 from 12pm-8pm ($10 Admission) and Saturday April 28 from 8am-4pm ($5 Admission)

Keep an eye out for our next blog post with more information on all things GypsyMoon!


Valentine's Day Inspiration Shoot

Happy Valentine's Day, Lovebirds! 

Whether you are single, engaged, or married; everyone enjoys looking at pretty things. We were able to collaborate with some amazingly talented vendors for this Valentine's Day shoot and we couldn't have been happier with the end result. 

This shoot came to life when we met the Monday night prior to our Friday shoot. It was myself (Whitnee), Cassie Adkins, The Family Affair crew- Alan & Misty. At this time we didn't have anyone who could contribute floral, so we were going to attempt it ourselves. Luckily, Kasey with KB Events & Design came in to save the day and offered to put together the hanging flowers, a bouquet, and a centerpiece. Our lovely couple, The Holtons, were nice enough to model for us and did a beautiful job. Who says that you can't put something magical together in just a few days?? Well, ladies and gentlemen, we did it!

We wanted the look and feel of this shoot to be fun, flirty, and pretty. Our inspiration began with classic Valentine's Day staples- Roses and Sprinkled Sugar Cookies. The simplicity of these items with the tableware and the linens that A Family Affair rentals provided; paired incredibly well together. With the location being at our lovely stables, and the beautiful day it was, we couldn't be happier with the way all the colors looked inside and outside of Highland. 

Models: For our lovely model, Rachel, her makeup was done by Devon Rhodes with an enhanced natural look with pink tones on her lips and in her blush.  Her hair, fixed by Megan Ethridge, was loosely curled with a braid on the side to add texture and detail. Her gray dress with details of lace was purchased through Amazon. Our handsome male model, Nate, had his hair done by a local barber, Ernie Thomas, and Nate's pink jacket, shirt, and pants were all purchased from the men's clothing supplier, FHG Clothiers. 

As wedding vendors, we each love the opportunity to be creative and styled shoots are a wonderful way to do this. We hope you enjoy these photos taken by the talented Cassie Adkins. 

Do you follow everyone on Instagram? 

Location: Highland Stables @highlandstablesbg

Photography: Cassie Adkins @cassieadkinsphotography

Tableware, Glassware & Linens: A Family Affair @afamilyaffaireventrentals

Floral: KB Events & Design @kbeventdesign

Makeup: Devon Rhodes @devon_nichole

Hair: Megan Ethridge @hairlove_bymeg

Mens Clothing: FHG Clothiers @fhgclothiers