Rules and Regulations


·     To use the designated bar area, you must hire an ABC certified, approved Highland Stables bartender.

·     No guests or bridal party members are allowed behind the bar.

·     You may serve beer, wine, and champagne but in no circumstance do we permit the service of alcohol to minors.

·     We do not allow hard liquor (whiskey, vodka, rum, tequila, etc.)

·     Absolutely no glass bottles or glasses are allowed in the ceremony or reception areas. 

·     Highland Stables reserves the right to forbid any alcohol usage during any time.


·      The renter is responsible for the items they have borrowed. If any are damaged or missing at the end of the event, they are financially responsible for replacing them.

·     Décor and borrowed items are subject to change due to wear and tear, damaged items, and updated inventory.


·     The Bridal area and Grooms area will be open for your use the day of your ceremony, so you may utilize those spaces.

·     The lounges are yours to use to get ready for your ceremony and reception and will be locked once the reception begins. They will not be unlocked until the conclusion of the event. We recommend you get all belongings out prior to the ceremony and put them in your vehicles for safe keeping.

·     Children are not to be left unattended in the Bridal Area or Grooms Area at any time.


·     No one will be allowed to stay the night. No exceptions.


·     Only battery operated “flameless” candles are allowed.
- They are realistic, put out good light, and most run 100 hours on a small battery.
- Exceptions: Unity Candle during ceremony.


·     The client is welcome to use the venue for a ceremony rehearsal practice prior to the wedding. However, Highland Stables Events Staff will be sensitive to any other events that may be occurring as well as hours of operation. 

Friday Set Up & Rehearsal Time: 9am-6pm

·      Rehearsals must end no later than 6:00pm. No exceptions.

·     If you have a one-day rental – you will need to have your rehearsal the morning of your wedding. 

·     We do not allow rehearsal dinners at Highland Stables.


·     Highland Stables reserves the right to make any changes at any time to the venue and property.


·     Children must be properly supervised at all times. 

·     Children under the age of 18 are your complete responsibility. 

·     Please know where your children are at all times and make certain that they clearly understand the rules. 


·     The property must be left in a state ready for the next event when your party vacates the facility. 

·     Staff does not clean up bodily fluids. The renter is responsible for the total clean up if there is a mess involving bodily fluids.

·     You will be provided a cleaning list for the event.

·     For an additional charge, we can provide clean-up for your event. 

·     Please let us know no later than two (2) weeks prior to your event if you would like to add clean-up. 


·     It is your responsibility to bring ladders, tape, scissors, screens, etc. to use in preparing your decorations.  

·     If you’re interested in decorating services, please discuss with Highland Stables Events. 


·     Deliveries may come during times of rental operation. 

·     Please confirm deliveries with Highland Stables staff.

·     Highland Stables staff are not responsible for receiving deliveries.


·     A non-refundable deposit of fifty percent (50%) is due at the contract signing, with the balance due two weeks prior to your event date. 


·     We have permanent draping on our ceilings that we provide each of our brides, which stay up year-round. No changes can be made to the draping we provide.

·     You are allowed to add draping to various areas, please no staples or nails. 

·     The bar is not to be moved. No exceptions.

·     The fans and/or heaters are only to be moved by Highland Stables Staff. No exceptions.


·     Venue rentals are based on a 6-hour event time. Please remember this while planning event times. 

If you want the event to end at 11:00pm, then the earliest the event can start is at 5:00pm.

·     Bar service is allowed for a maximum for 5 hours. No exceptions. (We recommend 4 hours, for the safety of your guests.)


·     Please set up an appointment with us two-weeks prior to your event, in this meeting we require: 
- Final Venue Payment
- Vendor Information – Including pick-up & drop-off times
- Borrowed Items List
- Event Insurance 
- Security Deposit
- Clean-up Payment
Please plan to bring your wedding coordinator with you to this meeting.


·     All garbage and food scraps must be securely bagged and disposed of prior to vacating the property the day of the event. No exceptions.


·     Guests will be expected to conduct themselves in a mature, responsible, and respectful manner. 

·     Highland Stables has the right to remove any guest from the premises.


·     We provide a moderately level designated parking area for your guests. Please advise anyone that may have an accessibility issue that parking is in a field and gravel setting.


·     We will need a copy of your liability insurance two (2) weeks prior to your event date. Our liability minimum coverage is one million dollars ($1,000,000/$2,000,000). 

·     We require using


·     Your DJ or band will need to set up in the designated areas. 

·     Electricity is available at most locations. 

·     Please ensure that the band/DJ will conduct music for the ceremony and reception. 

·     All music must stop at 10pm during weekdays and 11pm on weekends.

·     Highland Stables has the right to discontinue or continue music at any time. 


·     Please no parking in front of the stables on the day of your event – this area is a Fire Lane.

·     Parking attendants and golf cart services are provided prior to wedding and at time of ceremony. 

·     Gravel Parking lot provided


·     No pets allowed unless they are service animals. 

·     Exception: if you would like the have a pet on the property for a brief period of time during the ceremony, please notify us ahead of the event and we will work to accommodate your request. 


·     We reserve the right to use any photos of your event in our marketing.  

·     There will be multiple areas available the day of the ceremony for staging photos if you so choose. 

·     We would love for you to send us photos from your wedding – please send them to


·     Restrooms inside the stables are available for both men and women. 

·     Please leave restrooms in the manner you received it. 


·     We will require a security deposit of $750.00. 

·     The $750 security deposit is a separate check that will be due at the final meeting, no later than two (2) weeks prior to the event.  Highland Stables Events will determine if there is any excessive cleanup or damage done to the property as a result of your event and, if necessary, the security deposit will be applied towards any needed repairs. 


·     Once your event is finished, please return chairs, tables, and benches to their designated places and how you found them. 

·     You have access to the venue on Friday from 9:00am - 6:00pm – this time must include your rehearsal time that starts no later than 4:30pm.  

·     For an additional charge, we can provide clean-up for your event. Please let us know no later than two (2) weeks prior to your event if you would be interested in this service. 


·     There is signage on Hunts Lane and Cemetery Road for Highland Stables.

·     If you post any custom signs, please remove promptly after event.  


·     Smoking is allowed in designated outside areas only. 

·     There is absolutely no smoking inside the stables.


·     We provide seating for up to 250 people with 60-inch round tables and chairs (8 guests per table). 

·     Indoor reception area includes fruitwood padded chairs, up to 250 people, and does not move from this area.

·     Indoor ceremony area includes white benches, up to 250 people, and does not move from this area.

·     Outdoor ceremony area includes wood benches, up to 250 people, and does not move from this area.

·     For other seating wants and needs, please contact Highland Stables. 


·     Tents to expand the stables or use on the farm are allowed. 


·     We highly encourage you to use our preferred vendors list provided.

·     There are vendors we choose not to work with, so if you choose vendors that are not on our list, we ask that you run them by us before meeting with them.

·     All vendors and service contractors are responsible for clean-up and removal of their equipment, food, supplies, and garbage within two (2) hours of the event conclusion. 

·     Any décor/personal items/rental items left at the venue must be taken by the clients and/or Event Coordinator at the end of the evening – no items may be left inside the venue overnight. 

·     Highland Stables does not allow popcorn bars to be set up.

·     Highland Stables does not allow feather boas on property.


·     Please plan accordingly based upon current weather forecasts the week of your event. 

·     For the safety of all involved, should hazardous weather occur, such as tornado, severe thunderstorm, the property owner/operator reserves the right to mandate taking shelter. 


·     If you wish to hold your ceremony on the property, we will need to approve any arbor/stage/platform you may want to use during the ceremony. 

·     It is your responsibility to bring ladders, tape, scissors, screens, etc. to use in preparing your decorations. 

·     Please get permission before attaching anything to the inside or outside of the stables.

·     Please do not nail or screw anything indoors or outdoors.


·     We strongly suggest each wedding hire a wedding coordinator for the day of the event. This allows for the bride, immediate family, and bridal party to be able to take a step back and enjoy the event as much as possible. 

·     We offer a Day-of Coordinating Package – if you would like to book with us or have any questions please feel free to contact us at