Preferred Vendors



Kathy Poston 270.598.1202
The Cake Shop 270.904.5975


Kathy Poston 270.598.1202
Diane Thurmond 270.647.1573
The Linen Apron

DJ Services

Scott Roach 270.784.9560
Team B Mobile Entertainment 270.869.4427
Power Blast Events 270.776.3238
Preston Green Entertainment 270.792.7252

Floral Design

Cedars in Franklin 270.586.6330
KB Events & Design
Terry Donnally 270.779.3226

Hair Stylists

Morgan Smith 270.202.3695


Holiday Inn University Plaza 270.745.0088
Courtyard by Marriott 270.783.8569

Live Entertainment

Dizzorderly Conduct
Tyrone Dunn 270.202.4310
Bueler’s Day Off

Make Up

Lanci Haswell 812.216.5927
Katy Yokley Cardwell 270.776.4811

Other Vendors

The Pie Queen
Pelican’s Snoballs
Brusters Ice Cream Contact Highland Stables


Kate Phelps Photography
Shelley + Portugal
Kirstie Whitaker Photography
Billie-Shaye Style Photography
Lindsey Jones Photography


Sweet Temptation Rentals 270.725.1632
A Family Affair Rentals


Shelley + Portugal
Makenzie Made Films
Luke Metzger
Scott Film Company

Wedding Coordination

Highland Stables Contact Highland Stables
KB Events & Design
Dafnel DeVasier 270.725.1632

Wedding Invitations Contact Highland Stables